Delia's handcrafted works


  Somos 10 hermanos y mi mamá, gracias al trabajo de las... 

Collection "Ruanas"

Baby llama threads handmade on an old loom

Collection "Rancho"

The "Rancho" collection proposes to decorate our home with handmade works with social impact

Asu's handcrafted works


Nací en una comunidad aborigen y a los 15 años aprendí a crear obras textiles, mis... 

Collection "Cuero"

Handmade Argentine leather rugs

Collection "Matungo"

  • Handmade Works

    All uayno works are subject to curatorship, have a guarantee and traceability

  • Social Impact

    More than 50 families of artisans have continuous production with Uayno.

  • Mindset

    We generate employment in artisans' homes and ensure transfer of knowledge